Friday, October 3, 2008

Working with my mtDNA Results - Post 2

In my post yesterday, Working with my mtDNA - Post 1, I described my efforts to find other web sites that might have mitochondrial DNA test results that match mine.

On the High-Resolution K Entries from MitoSearch web site, there were about 300 results for the K Haplogroup, with identities hidden. I found no exact matches, and found only one result with one difference. That was submitter AHTHE, who has all of my HVR1 and HVR2 matches, plus an HVR1 marker at 16519. This was the only result in this database that had my HVR1 marker at 16266.

On the site, there were two exact matches to my mtDNA results. I looked at their submitted family trees, and their earliest known matrilineal ancestors were:

* Ann Dawson (born 1800), married Andrew Elliott, resided in Quebec, Canada.
* Leana Sinclaire (born about 1800 in Northern Ireland), married William MacIlwaine.

The 19 matches with one difference had these earliest known matrilineal ancestors:

* Francisca Van de Velde (born 1817 in Belgium), married Joannes Van Bouchaute.
* Alice Mercier (born 1861 in Quebec, Canada), married William Alderton.
* Sarah Marinda Smith (born 1846 in Iowa), married George Franklin Burnham.
* Isabel --?-- (born England), married John Young, resided in Ohio in about 1870.
* Alvira T. Stalker (born 1868 in Idaho), married John D. Ellis
* Margaret E. Maugham (born 1843 in Durham, England), married Henry C. Rand, resided Minnesota in 1880
* Sarah C. Armstrong (born 1844 in Tennessee), married James K. Johnson, resided in Illinois in 1870.
* Julia B. Blake (born 1824), married ??? Joplin, resided in Illinois in 1858.
* Daisy Moore (born 1872 in Indiana), married Herbert Thomas.
* Mary Ann Arison (born 1820 in Ohio), married Elliott Trump
* Maria Magdalena Lang (born 1836 in Switzerland), married Johann Lang.
* Alvira T. Stalker, above.
* Fanny Johnson (born 1774 in Massachusetts), married Ezekiel Barnes.
* Katherine Morrell (born 1868 in Hungary), married John Freund.
* Olevia Gibson (born 1876 in Louisiana), married George Collins.
* Fanny Johnson, see above.
* Marjeta Debeljac (born 1874 in Slovenia), married Anton Ogrinc
* Margaret Reynolds (born 1844), married William Mousley, resided in Utah in 1873.
* Fanny Johnson, see above.

That's quite a hodgepodge, isn't it? The European origins include Ireland, England, Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary.

A scenario for the Exact Matches could be that my Sarah Martin and their Ann Dawson and Leana Sinclaire have a common matrilineal ancestor in the British Isles, and the lines diverged (through different daughters or granddaughters of a common mother or grandmother) before Sarah Martin was born in New Jersey, Ann Dawson was born in Quebec, and Leana Sinclaire was born in Northern Ireland. That's about the only conclusion that I can draw from this study, I think!

I did send an email through GeneTree to the two persons with exact matches and I hope to hear from them. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to contact the one difference persons in the GeneTree database. Frankly, I doubt it.

I would be interested in any other conclusions that people can draw from my information presented above.

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lyn said...

Could it be the link is through a female ancestor you and/or your complete match people haven't yet documented? Or maybe one of you has documented the correct female ancestor but the others haven't?