Friday, January 30, 2009

TGN/Ancestry traffic statistics - Post 2

Post 1 on this subject appeared earlier today. It covered the Reach and Page View statistics for the five The Generations Network (TGN) properties for 2008, plus some relatively current statistics about Page Views per visit and distribution of visitors to different web pages.

The second traffic site I frequent is (it's free, as is

Here is a chart of the Daily People that visited,, and during 2008:

The Daily People are pretty stable for all of these sites throughout the year, with the excveption of Rootsweb people, of course. The sum of Rootsweb (about 450K) plus Ancestry (about 500K) total before March is significantly greater than the Rootsweb (about 50K) plus Ancestry (about 750K) total after April. Ancestry's Daily People fell off in the latter part of 2008 to below 650K in December.

The second Quantcast chart is the Daily Visits for the four TGN sites in 2008:

The numbers for Daily Visits are higher than Daily People, which indicates that some people visited, on average, more than once per day. The average 2008 traffic for these four sites, for US People and visits, were:

* 763.5K Daily People, 1.6 million Daily Visits

* 53.8K Daily People, 70.1K Daily Visits

* 92.1K Daily People, 132.0K Daily visits

* 32.1K Daily People, 55.9K Daily Visits

The third Quantcast chart shows the different kind of People that use

This chart indicates that "Addicts" like me are only 3% of their visitors, but account for 46% of the visits. "Regulars" are 37% of the visitors, and account for 41% of the visits, while "Passers-By" are 60% of the visitors but account for only 13% of the visits.

There's a message here for Ancestry - 40% of the visitors are accounting for 87% of the visits. They need to keep those addicted and regular customers happy while trying to create new addicts and regulars from the passers-by and those who don't visit at all (the other 99.93% of Internet users!).

The last chart describes the demographics of users at

I don't see a lot of surprises on this list. The biggest surprise for me is that 7% of Ancestry visitors are age 17 and under, and only 44% are over age 50. That is a great thing, I think - younger people are using on a regular basis.

I'll try to find information on the web sites next. I'm just going to use Quantcast for the rest of these posts.

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Valorie said...

I wonder if the precipitous dropoff for RW and rise of Ancestry traffic is a result of their redoing all of RW's URLs as "" meaning that pretty much all of RW's traffic is now Ancestry traffic? I believe that the Anc. suits didn't like RW equalling or even topping Anc. web stats.