Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Dance, Ah-ha, Eureka, Geneagasm Moments

Larae Free Kerr requested that APG Mailing list readers send her descriptions of their Ah-ha and Eureka moments of genealogy joy in her post yesterday. Here is the text of her post:

"Dear Genealogists, In the beginning genealogy research book I am writing, I reiterate documentation, evaluation and analysis again and again. But I want beginning researchers to know about and expect the thrill of the hunt, the extreme joy of bagging an ancestor, the victory dance of a new family connection. Will you help me do this by sending me brief accounts of some of your ah-ha and eureka moments to include in the book as sidebars? Your names, of course, will be attached. Just jot down one or more great finds and send it to me with your name exactly as you want it. Thank you so much, LaRae Free Kerr -- itsallrelatives@sfcn.org"

The 65th Carnival of Genealogy topic was "Genealogy Happy Dances - The Joy of Genealogy" and is found on Becky Wiseman's Kinexxions blog in Come Dance With Me... My contribution was Genealogy Happy Dances and/or Genea-gasms! and I shared four of mine.

I described my "Magic of Genealogy" moment experience as:

"My 'Magic of Genealogy' moments always seem to include a chill in my body, a tremendous feeling of thankfulness, and tears of joy. I call them 'genea-gasms.' It's embarrassing, but I cherish each one of them. Actually, I can hardly wait for the next one!"

If you have a great story that caused you extreme joy or happy dances, made you shout Eureka! or Ah-ha! or have a geneagasm, and want to share them with the world, please send them to LaRae. You could be in her book!

This sounds like a great book idea, and I look forward to reading it when it is published.

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