Monday, June 22, 2009 Subscription Rate Increased, but there is a deal

I received an email from Justin Schroepfer at saying that:

"I wanted to let you know of an upcoming change in our Annual Membership fee. On August 1, 2009, the cost of a Footnote Annual Membership will increase by $10 (about 83 cents per month). This slight increase will help us to continue to add more valuable content to Footnote and make things easier to find and use.

"To help our current Footnote Members with this transition, we are offering a window from now until the end of July where they can take advantage of a reduced price of $59.95 (a $20 discount off the new price). This will be a great opportunity for those that have not joined Footnote, or are currently a Monthly Member, to upgrade to an annual membership. Our Annual Members can also take advantage of this special offer by extending their current membership for another 12 months at this discounted rate.

"I would appreciate if you would let your visitors and members know that they can get this special offer by going to: We will be announcing this on Monday, June 22. Please don’t post anything before that date."

The special offer is a 25% reduction in subscription cost from the new price. If you are a current subscriber, then this is a pretty good deal for new or returning subscribers. I've been very happy with my subscription this year and will probably add a year before the deadline at the special offer price.

Frankly, I wish every subscription service offered a reduced price for renewals!

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