Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Daily Three - 24 June 2009

I learned quite a bit today - here are three things:

1) The Passenger Lists for the USA are really messed up, according to expert Joan Lowrey. It's hard to find some listings, and impossible to find others due to bad handwriting, bad indexing, poor images, and mistakes by all of them. See CVGS Program - Joan Lowrey on Passenger Lists for details.

2) It's nice to be able to converse and share with my CVGS colleagues at the meetings now that I no longer am President. All I had to do was give a two minute report, take some photos, and take program notes for the blog and newsletter. The society runs well without me! Cool. Took me five months to figure it out.

3) Ancestry's ExpertConnect service is in beta release - there are over 400 "expert" providers signed up, but only 8 for all of California, and 2 for Mexico (both based in Utah), based on Geographical expertise.

That's not all I learned, but it's enough for tonight.

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