Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Starting your Family Tree - Three Views

I was honored to be asked my advice for persons starting out in genealogy and family research by Bob Samil at Genoom (a family tree and social network site), which has a blog here.

They published their post today Starting Your Family Tree: Advice from the Pros with words of wisdom and experience from Dick Eastman, Debra Fleming and myself.

In retrospect, I should have added another sentence in the last paragraph to make the point that most genealogy resources, especially those that prove relationships like land and probate records, are still found in repositories in paper or microform. Oh well, I thought mine was too long as it was. Turns out it was comparable length to the other two.

What else would you have said? What advice would you give beginning genealogists, in one to three paragraphs? Tell me in Comments to the Genoom blog post, in Comments to this post, or in your own blog post.

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