Friday, July 24, 2009

footnoteMaven talks about genealogy blogging

footnoteMaven - The expert footnote creator, photo collector and world famous genealogy blogger speaks! Lisa Louise Cooke has featured fM on her latest podcast at Family History: Genealogy Made Easy.

The program summary for Genealogy Blogging Wisdom: Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Already taken is on the Genealogy Gems News blog, the show notes are on Family History: Genealogy Made Easy. and the podcast with footnoteMaven's wit and wisdom is here on the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast site.

You do read footnoteMaven's blogs, don't you? Check out and for excellent genealogy blog reading! Put them in your reader. She is one of my very favorite genealogy bloggers. And one of my favorite persons!

Thank you, Lisa, for letting footnoteMaven's share her experience, wit and wisdom with the genealogy world.


Lisa Louise Cooke said...

Thanks for sharing the podcast with your readers. It was so much fun to chat geneabloggers at the Jamboree and I love being able to share those conversations with listeners.

Keep an "ear" out because Penny Dreadful herself, Denise Levenick will be coming in a future episode as my series on genealogy blogging continues.

Thanks friend!

footnoteMaven said...


You always say the nicest things. I am so glad we got to meet in person. You are one of my VERY favorite people and my friend.

You are also one of the reasons I'm a wealthy woman. Old friends are the best.

Lisa did a great job! But it is after all, just me!