Friday, July 24, 2009

Terry Thornton's Hill Country Blog is Back!

Terry Thornton has returned his Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi to its beautiful spot in the genea-blogosphere.

Terry says in his post WELCOME that:

"Welcome to Terry Thornton's HILL COUNTRY. Here you will find archival copies of more than 900 of the articles previously published at his retired blog, HILL COUNTRY OF MONROE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI."

Read all of Terry's post. If you don't know of Terry's work, then please spend some time reading his beautiful photo essays and descriptive articles about life in northeastern Mississippi. To see the Archives, use either the Search box on the left sidebar or click on Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi and scroll back in time.

I wish Terry well in all of his endeavors - writing, cooking, cemetery searching, loving, health, living, traveling. I hope that we see more of his efforts in some form or another.

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