Thursday, October 22, 2009

CVGS Fall Seminar on Saturday, 24 October

The CVGS Fall Seminar will be Saturday, 24 October, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Fredericka Manor (183 Third Avenue, Chula Vista). The program will feature Every Life Is a Story by Susan Walter.

Reservations are required by 10/22 – Contact Betsy Keller at (619) 205-4116.

The morning will begin with introductions and door prizes in the Auditorium, followed by Susan Walter’s presentation. After Susan’s talk, we will adjourn to the Dining Room for a sumptuous lunch. CVGS members are encouraged to talk about their own memories and to encourage Fredericka residents to share their memories.

There will be a registration list for CVGS members, guests and Fredericka residents to sign up to record their memories and family stories in coming weeks using state-of-the-art digital voice recording equipment.

Susan Walter will present the idea of writing or recording memoirs and family stories for future generations. Because the idea of "writing an autobiography" can be so daunting, the more simplified collection of brief memoirs will be explained in the hopes that it may help to get those with stories to tell to actually tell them. Susan will share some examples of memoirs from her own life, and her very treasured tape recording, featuring the voice of her grandmother, will be heard.

Susan Walter is a historical archaeologist. She and her husband, Stephen Van Wormer, also a historian and archaeologist, have lived in Chula Vista for about 15 years. They live in the 115 year old orchard home of John M. Davidson, who was one of Chula Vista's founders. Stephen was raised in National City; Susan was born in Texas, raised in the San Fernando Valley, and moved to the San Diego area about 30 years ago. They have 2 adult children. Susan and Stephen have cooperated on hundreds of projects throughout the county, as well as working separately. One of Susan's specialties is conducting oral interviews and the collection of local history stories. She loves it when those stories are preserved for future generations. She knows each of you have fascinating tales to tell, because "Every Life Is a Story."

We hope to see you all there!

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