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Surname Saturday - SEAVER

It's Surname Saturday time - a new blogging prompt theme that many geneabloggers will pursue each week.

I have plenty of surnames! Hundreds, in fact!

For this first post, I'm going to choose SEAVER, my patrilineal line. Based on my research, and that of many others, Robert Seaver (1608-1683) was the first of the name to go to New England. He arrived on the good ship Mary and John in March 1634 in Boston, settled quickly in Roxbury in Massachusetts Bay Colony, married Elizabeth Ballard and had many children. Who had many more children, and now I have over 8,000 Seaver surnamed folks in my genealogy database.

There are some genealogy reports on the New England Seaver lines on my web page at, including:

* Biography of Robert Seaver (1608-1683)

* Descendants of Shubael Seaver

* Descendants of Caleb Seaver

* Descendants of Joshua Seaver

* Descendants of Nathaniel Seaver

* Other New England Seaver Families

These genealogy reports are all in PDF format, and can be searched for names and places. These reports are four years old now, and need to be updated, but I have added very little to the database over the past four years.

My own Seaver line from Robert and Elizabeth (Ballard) Seaver is:

1. Robert Seaver (1608 England -1683 Roxbury MA) married 1634 Elizabeth Ballard (????-1657 Roxbury MA)

2. Shubael Seaver (1640 Roxbury MA -1730 Roxbury MA) married 1668 Hannah Wilson (1647 Roxbury MA - 1722 Roxbury MA).

3. Joseph Seaver (1672 Roxbury MA - 1754 Framingham MA) married 1701 Mary Read (1679 Sudbury MA - ????)

4. Robert Seaver (1702 Sudbury MA - 1752 Westminster MA) married 1726 Eunice Rayment (1707 Marblehead MA - 1772 Sudbury MA?)

5. Norman Seaver (1734 Framingham MA - 1787 Westminster MA) married 1755 Sarah Read (1736 Sudbury MA - 1809 Westminster MA)

6. Benjamin Seaver (1757 Sudbury MA - 1816 Westminster MA) married 1783 Martha Whitney (1764 Westminster MA - 1832 Westminster MA)

7. Benjamin Seaver (1791 Westminster MA - 1825 Westminster MA) married 1817 Abigail Gates (1797 Gardner MA - 1867 Westminster MA)

8. Isaac Seaver (1823 Westminster MA - 1901 Leominster MA) married 1851 Lucretia Townsend Smith (1828 Medfield MA - 1884 Leominster MA).

9. Frank Walton Seaver (1852 Medfield MA - 1922 Leominster MA) married 1874 Hattie Louise Hildreth (1857 Northborough MA) - 1920 Leominster MA)

10. Frederick Walton Seaver (1876 Leominster MA - 1942 Andover MA) married 1900 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882 Killingly CT - 1962 Leominster MA)

11. Frederick Walton Seaver (1911 Fitchburg MA - 1983 San Diego CA) married 1942 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919 San Diego CA - 2002 San Diego CA).

12. Randall Jeffrey Seaver - moi! the Genea-Muser, Geneaholic, and South San Diego County Graveyard Rabbit.

As you can see, these families moved westward about 30 miles over three centuries, and then my father drove across the country in three days in Decewmber 1940!

If anyone is descended from any of these persons, please contact me at rjseaver(at) and let's compare notes on the families involved. If anyone has a connection to the Seaver families listed in my genealogy reports, please contact me. I would appreciate additions and corrections to my database, and can probably add some generations to your Seaver line.

Robert Seaver (1608-1683) was not the only Seaver (or Sever, Siever, Syver, Sevier, etc.) surnamed person that immigrated to North America. There are quite a few other family lines unconnected to the Robert Seaver line in the genealogy records and family trees. My own research has not included all of these other lines, but I do have resources for some of them.

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