Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael John Neill's "Casefile Clues"

Michael John Neill started writing his "Casefile Clues" back in February 2009 as part of Dick Eastman's Plus edition of the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, which is subscription based. A few months ago, Michael started his own "Casefile Clues" blog and subscription based weekly column.

Michael's "Casefile Clues" blog is at and provides a weekly case study newsletter focusing on methodology and interpretation. A year's subscription is $15. You can subscribe here.

He is offering a free sample issue in PDF format - email at Take a look at what Michael offers on a weekly basis.

On his Casefile Clues page, Michael says:

"I write "Casefile Clues" a weekly genealogy newsletter focusing on genealogy research methodology and interpretation. Every week I look at a record or a problem from one of the many families of my children scattered across the US and Europe. "Casefile Clues" does not try to "scoop" the latest news, rather I focus on using and interpreting records. My goal is to give you ideas to help you with your own research. Since 1995, I have written over 600 genealogy columns for both Ancestry and Eastman's Online Newsletter. My new columns for Casefile Clues are distributed only through this site."

I received one of the sample issues (#10), and enjoyed the 8-page case study about one of Michael's research problems. There is a lot more detail of Michael's methods -- obtaining records, evaluating information and coming to conclusions -- than you will find in any published book or journal article.

If this type of detailed case study interests you, then I recommend that you subscribe for awhile and see if it helps you with your genealogy research.

Michael has two other genealogy blogs - his Rootdig research blog and the Genealogy Tip of the Day blog. I enjoy everything that Michael writes. If you are not reading Michael's blogs, I highly recommend them.

Disclosure: I am not a subscriber to Casefile Clues yet, and was not paid for writing this post.

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