Friday, October 16, 2009

Should Your Society Have a Blog?

Amy Coffin wrote an article on this subject in the latest WorldVitalRecords Newsletter. You can read it here.

Some key paragraphs:

"A genealogy society's web page is like a store window. It highlights the group's value, hopefully enticing visitors to walk through the virtual door and explore the site. A blog is like a genealogy society's in-store sale circular. It is a good communication tool for the latest information and quickly changing details. A genealogy society's web page serves one purpose and a blog another. "

and ...

"The purpose of a genealogy society blog can be related to marketing the organization, sharing information, a combination of these themes, or anything else on which you may want to focus. "

Read all of Amy's post. Amy Coffin is the author of the We Tree blog in her genealogy life.

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