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The Best of Genea-Musings for 2009

I have nominated the following posts as my "Best of Genea-Musings for 2009" based on my own subjective criteria. I tried to pick only three or four posts from each month so that it is a manageable list (but included posts in a series).

January 2009:

* Day 1 in Salt Lake City, Day 2a, Day 2b, Day 2c, Day 3, Day 4 (visit to

* Checking out the Family History Library - Post 1, Post 2

* Papers, Images, Indexes and Searches

* Are imaging services missing NARA records? and More on Originals, Images and Indexes

* A Tale of Two Genealogy Companies

February 2009:

* I Use the Internet for Genealogy Research by...

* Use Google Language Tools to aid Hispanic Research

March 2009:

* My Y-DNA Results - Post 1: Getting Started, Post 2: Reading the Markers, Post 3: GeneBase Family Tree, Post 4: GeneBase Possible Matches, Post 5: FamilyTreeDNA Possible Matches, Post 6: Uploading to DNA Ancestry, Post 7: DNA Ancestry Possible Matches , Post 8: Uploading Data to Ysearch Post 9: Looking for Matches on Ysearch

* What is the Value of Genealogy 2.0 Technology?

* Is useful to genealogists?

April 2009:

* Who's Talkin' about you? Or me? Or something you care about?

* Working in RootsMagic 4 - Summary of Posts

* Adding Quality Source Citations to Genealogy Software Through Technology

* Happy Dance, Ah-ha, Eureka, Geneagasm Moments

May 2009:

* Using - Post 1, Post 2

* Searching Online for Genealogy Data

* First Look at - Post 1, Post 2 and Post 3

June 2009:

* Canadian Census Records, Canada Census Indexes at FamilySearch Record Search, Finding 1851 Canada Census Images - Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3

* "Genealogy in the Cloud" Program Summary - Part 1, Part 2

* SCGS Jamboree Highlights - Friday - Post 1, Saturday - Day 2, Tweeting the Blogger Summit, Day 3 - a Day of Rest?, Pictures

July 2009:

* My Interview with Lisa Louise Cooke at Jamboree and More SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Audio/Video

* My Favorite FREE Genealogy Resources

* Are there standards for names in family trees? and Standardizing names in family trees

* Are you ready to embrace these changes?

August 2009:

* 18 April 1906 - San Francisco - They Were There!, Same house, 103 years later? and Same house, 103 years later? Revisited

* GenSeek on Facebook Application is Available

September 2009:

* Bridging the Internet vs. Traditional Genealogy Gap

* Day 0 at the FGS Conference, Day 1a, Day 1b, Day 2a, Day 2b, Day 3, Day 4

* Download record images ... don't link to them

* Using Google Earth to find land location in the Public Land Survey System States

October 2009:

* Updated List of Unindexed Databases

* AB 130 Signed Into Law - California Vital Records Access

* Genealogy and Family Tree Patents

* Obtaining my 43-Marker Y-DNA Test Results and Finding Potential Y-DNA Matches - Post 1: GeneTree

November 2009:

* San Francisco Funeral Home Records and More San Francisco Treats

* SDGS Family History Seminar Highlights

* Using the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) and Using the DAR GRS - Ancestors and Descendants

* Canadian County Atlas Project - Wonderful! and Kemp and Sovereen Lands in Norfolk County, Ontario

December 2009:

* Are There Errors in the Social Security Death Index?

* Found a Family Home on Google...

* works great!

* Grading my Progress on 2009 Goals and Objectives

Whew! That's 81 of them - out of about 1,013 posts for the entire year! But many of the 81 are part of a series (I didn't list the 25 individual posts for the RootsMagic 4 review - just the summary post).

I can't parse them any further. Frankly, I don't remember writing some of them - I look at some of the posts on that list and think "hmmm, that was pretty good!" Other posts, not on the list above, are repeats from previous years. I found that I said essentially the same thing at different times of the year.

Which is your favorite post on that list (or in all of Genea-Musings for 2009)? And why?

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Sheri Fenley said...

Seaver, anything you write is always good, always informative and timely. Your research on your own family is top notch and well researched. Thanks for showing us all how its done!