Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roots Television saved from genea-oblivion

I received the email from Megan Smolenyak overnight that Roots Television has been saved from disappearing from the Internet. You can read Megan's letter to the genealogy community in her notice here.

The genealogical community did this. Megan posted a question to her "Facebook Fans" - would you be willing to endure advertising if it meant Roots Television stayed on the Internet? The resounding answer was "YES."

Megan also received over 20 offers to explore "adopting" Roots Television from individuals, companies and organizations.

This was a really close call, I think. Read Megan's comments about why the video archive would have disappeared if Roots Television had been closed down.

The Roots Television archive of over 700 videos is a priceless treasure for genealogists and genealogy societies. I refer my beginning genealogy students to the site, and mention it as one of the best sites for genealogy entertainment and education in my talks about Genealogy on the Internet. I love Roots Television! I am ecstatic that it has been saved from genea-oblivion.

Thank you, Megan, for listening to the genealogy community and finding a way to keep Roots Television going. We in the genealogy information community (authors, columnists, bloggers, speakers, etc.) need to highlight Roots Television more often and use it more often.

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gsgenealogy said...

I heard about this from Gena P. Ortega when she came to speak at the NSDCGS COGG group. I am so relieved. I love watching the videos, they do a great job.