Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- Waldo

I ran out of my own tombstone pictures several months ago, so I'm posting some in my "humor?" collection.

Is this a picture of the tombstone of the elusive Waldo?

It is nice and big, isn't it? How could anyone miss it?

However, I have no idea where this tombstone is located or who it commemorates. What is Mr. Waldo's first name and life years?

I thought a clue might be the gravestone of William S. McKemie (1864-1932) in the foreground, but a Google search for the name and years did not turn up a location for this particular stone.

So it looks like I found Waldo in a photograph, but have no clue where he is located!


palib said...

I checked Ancestry and found a Wm. S. McKemie born about 1864 in the 1930 Census living with a wife (Sarah) in Fulton, Georgia. Perhaps this will lead you to Waldo.

Pam Hatton

Becky said...

Strangely enough, Waldo is a family name and we noticed this very grave last week while walking through Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA. I ran over today at lunch and took pictures of the graves - including one that matches up with your shot. These Waldos and McKemies can now be found on Find a Grave. Here's one link:


Tamura Jones said...

This Flickr photo shows that there are several smaller stones in front of it: WALDO

Unknown said...

I have seen it. It is in Oakland cemetery in Atlanta