Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vital Records on

Sharon Elliott's blog post How Vital Is VitalSearch? had a table on her Back Track blog in early April that provided a list of state and county vital records available on .

I printed the table out, that Sharon generated herself. I finally found a web page with the list of databases at

VitalSearch is a subscription site - it costs $57.95 per year (or $24.95 for 90 days), but it seems to have some unique vital record data sets that may contain information on 20th century birth, marriage and death records that cannot be found in other online databases.

My thanks to Sharon Elliott for providing the table of records, and the comments about using the website. The search function is very primitive, but the site may be useful for some researchers.

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Sharon said...

Glad you found it useful, Randy. It's just the sort of thing I had been expecting from you but you would have done it with screen shots and detailed instructions!