Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Mary Jane Kemp's Death Record

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to find and share an artifact or record that contributes to my genealogy and family history.

Mary Jane (Sovereen) Kemp died 20 May 1874 in Middleton, Norfolk County, Ontario. I found an entry in the Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1934 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 database on (accessed and image captured at the San Diego Family History Center) that contains the register entry of her death:

Mary Jane Kemp's record is on the top half of the third column from the right on the image above (no town or county shown on this page, but it is Middleton, Norfolk County) . The information included is:

* No. 13
* Name and Surname of Deceased: Mary Jane Kemp
* When Died: 20th May 1874
* Sex- Male or Female: F
* Age: 33 Years
* Rank or Profession: Wife of James Kemp, farmer, Middleton
* Where Born: Windham, County Norfolk, Canada
* Certified cause of Death, and duration of illness: Typhoid Fever, ill three weeks
* Name of Physician, if any: A.W. Sovereen M.D.
* Signature, description and residence of Informant: A.W. Sovereen M.D. Delhi
* When Registered: 29th May 1874
* Religious Denomination: Baptist
* Signature of Registrar: J.C.H. Herron
* REMARKS: 004105 [stamped]

I learned quite a bit from this record, although I did not learn her parents names from this record (I do know that her parents were Alexander and Eliza (Putman) Sovereen from other records). I did learn the date of death, place of death, husband's name, cause of death, her birthplace, her physician (probably a Sovereen cousin), and her religious denomination.

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Anonymous said...

Did you also notice that there was another Sovereen and possible relative two to the right of Mary Jane (Sovereen) Kemp at #15?