Friday, June 4, 2010

"The DNA Detective" article in MORE Magazine

Colleen Fitzpatrick is the subject of an excellent article in MORE Magazine by Lynn Rosellini titled "The DNA Detective." It is on five web pages. The top of the first page is shown below:

The lead to the article says:

"A former nuclear physicist, Colleen Fitzpatrick once designed equipment for NASA to send to Jupiter. Now she scours the earth for missing persons, dead or alive"

In this article, there are details of some of Colleen's research, especially the Frozen Arm saga. There are also highlights of Colleen's education and career as a scientist, and even some glimpses of her personal life (she feeds her bird M&Ms).

I really enjoyed this article, and encourage all of my readers to read it. And to visit and participate in her Forensic Genealogy mystery photo contest on a regular basis too.

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