Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June/July 2010 Issue of Internet Genealogy Available

One of the genealogy magazines that I receive via an online subscription is Internet Genealogy, published by Moorshead, Magazines, Ltd. The June-July 2010 issue came today. Here is the Table of Contents for this issue:

page 6 -- NET NOTES

page 8 -- 130 BEST GENEALOGY WEBSITES! Internet Genealogy’s authors tell us their favorite family history websites!

page 24 -- GENEALOGY SOCIETY ANNOUNCEMENTS. A collection of upcoming genealogy-related events that may be of interest

page 26 -- GOING BACK TO HER ROOTS: ELEANOR ROBERTSON SMITH. Elizabeth Lapointe has a chat with one of Canada’s leading genealogists

page 28 -- CIVIL WAR UNIT HISTORIES. According to David A. Norris, don’t just rely on
your ancestors’ Civil War records

page 33 -- BROWSING FOR CLUES . As Marianne Booms Szabo discovered, sometimes
you need to browse, not just search

page 34 -- FAMILY TREE BUILDER 4: A REVIEW . Tony Bandy looks at the newest version of a comprehensive genealogy program

page 39 -- “BURYED IN WOOLLEN” . David A. Norris looks at the impact two acts of
Parliament had on burial records

page 40 -- CONSULAR POST RECORDS AND YOUR GENEALOGY . Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at a unique and unusual source of genealogy information

page 43 -- MORE THAN JUST THE CENSUS: FIND MY PAST . Diane L. Richard gets the inside scoop on the popular UK research site

page 46 -- CITY LIFE: EUROPEAN CHURCH INDEXES. Smiljka Kitanovic looks at parish indexes for your ancestral city

page 49 -- LONG DISTANCE RESEARCH: GENLIGHTEN . Diane L. Richard examines a new online lookup service

page 52 -- AHOY! THE AMERICAN MERCHANT MARINE AT WAR WEBSITE . Tony Bandy chronicles an informative online resource

page 54 -- GOING COLONIAL ONLINE . Tony Bandy looks at the virtual world of Colonial

One of the reasons I post these Tables of Contents is so that I can collect them into a computer file and then can search them for specific subjects. I also print out a number of articles and file them by subjects. Sometimes, I take them to my CVGS Research Group as examples of articles that can help other researchers. In this issue, the 130 Best Genealogy Websites is one I've printed out to save and share.

I also renewed for another year at a bargain rate of $19.95.

Disclosure: I was not remunerated in any way for writing this post. I subscribe to Internet Genealogy magazine and have for several years now.

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