Monday, July 12, 2010

Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogists

Gena Ortega made two excellent presentations on Saturday, 10 July at the San Diego Genealogical Society meeting - the subjects were "Copyright, Plagiarism and Privacy."

One of my takeaways from the meeting and the handout was a website for Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogy by Mike Goad. The situations and examples in this article are excellent.

There are a number of excellent other articles on this site (see the right-hand sidebar), including:

* What is Copyright

* My Copyright Infringement - information in family tree databases

* What is NOT Protected by Copyright?

* Public Domain

* Fair Use

I encourage all geneabloggers and writers to read the articles on these web pages.

Thank you, Gena, for the useful information and links. We enjoyed Gena, genealogy and ice cream at SDGS on Saturday, and a great time was had by all!


gsgenealogy said...


I really wanted to come to hear Gena's talk on Copyright but we had out of town guests that don't come to visit very often, my step siblings! Thanks for posting the link to the articles. I read them all. I will keep this link in my bookmarks.


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