Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Deadman

It's Tombstone Tuesday, and I've run out of my own photographs of ancestral gravestones.

Therefore, I'm posting pictures from my archive of "different" gravestones collected over the years.

The only marking on this gravestone photo is the surname "Deadman." I searched on Google for [deadman gravestone] and [deadman tombstone] and found no matches that provide the name of the person or the location of this stone.

There are 150 entries on www.FindAGrave.com for the surname "Deadman" but I found no photos that match the one above.

Does anybody know where this gravestone is located, and who it commemorates?


Unknown said...

What happens if you search ancestry.com or genealogy.com, using 'deadman' as a surname?

Jean-Yves said...

Could it be one of those photoshopped things: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/unfortunately-named-dead-people ?

generationstv said...

Deadman. So funny!

Maybe even funnier (and more confusing) if you found one marked "CREMATEDMAN."

Thanks for sharing.

Swamper68 said...

My aunt married a Deadman and they lived in the Woodstock ON Canada area for many years. They have since split though and I have lost touch with Uncle Bob many years ago.