Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - A Cowboy's Gravestone?

It's Tombstone Tuesday, time to post one of the pictures of gravestones in my collection. Unfortunately, I ran out of pictures of my own ancestral families months ago, so I'm posting pictures of "interesting" gravestones that I've collected over the years.

Some people think that this is the coolest gravestone saying ever:

I've seen this before, and wondered if it was real, or if it was a faux gravestone created by a clever photo artist. It is real, and I recently found out whose gravestone it is. It was erected to commemorate a World War II Navy sailor, Russell J. Larsen (1921-1983) and is standing in the Logan City Cemetery in Logan, Cache County, Utah. The entry on Find-A-Grave has photographs of both sides of the stone.

I wonder if he wrote this epitaph himself, or if his good buddies heard him say it and put it on his gravestone?


Neil Dobson said...

Thanks for the photo Randy.

I am not a American Cowboy more of a downunder Cowboy.

Will share with other likeminded cow folk down here.

Stay well.

Neil Dobson

Anonymous said...

Just a note about your wonderings. My grandparents are buried in the Logan Cemetery and I have been going there for 60 years. This particular headstone has been there for many years - long before the gentleman died. We used to go by it as children and teenagers and laugh and wonder why he put it up before he died.