Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Lyle's High School Graduation Certificate

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - and a chance to show one of the documents or artifacts in my ancestral history.

Today, it is Lyle Lawrence Carringer's graduation certificate from San Diego High School:

The certificate is date 26 June 1914. Lyle was age 22 at this time. I don't know if he started school very late due to being held back due to illness or some other reason. He was a very slight boy and man, and may not have matured as quickly as other boys his age. He started working at Marston's Department Store in downtown San Diego in 1905, so that may have held him back for one or more years.

I am quite sure that Lyle was the first person in his family line to graduate from high school (mainly because there were so few children in his line!). His future wife, Emily Kemp Auble, also graduated from San Diego High School, as did his daughter, Betty Virginia Carringer, and as did his three grandsons, Randy, Stanley and Scott Seaver.

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