Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Method in my Madness...

Did anyone wonder where I've been all day?  I posted my Not So Wordless Wednesday blog this morning, went to the library for the CVGS Heirloom Discovery Day program and was home by 3.  My son-in-law was here, so we got the new computer out of the box to make sure it worked.  It does, but it needs the Internet to work better (like download the Microsoft Live Essentials, Open Office, Microsoft Security suite, etc.).  That's Thursday task.

We will take the old desktop offline in the morning, hook up the new computer, get it working, transfer the Cox mail accounts to Gmail, get the router and printer working, load the genealogy software programs, copy the files from the external drive, and we should be ready to do some serious eating in the afternoon. 

I've backed up my files to the external drive, collected my email address books in one place, and my IE favorites, and saved some of the important email files to HTML files and captured the attachments.  I will set up the old desktop in the extra bedroom and use it to print stuff on the older printer until I've used up all of the ink.  I will probably save more emails to documents and transfer them into the new computer files in the future.

That's the plan, anyway, that should keep James and I out of the kitchen for most of the day, although I know that we'll have to manage the grandgirls for  most of the day. 

I've prepared my two "regular" Thanksgiving Day posts and will get back to my regular blogging duties on Friday.  Assuming everything goes OK on the new system, of course!


Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Enjoy! There is great anticipation is setting up all phases of a new computer - Happy Thanksgiving Randy!

Susan Petersen said...

Sounds like much more fun than watching football! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Randy. I appreciate all you do all year long.