Monday, November 22, 2010

State Research Outlines Available in PDF Form Through FamilySearch Research Wiki

Many researchers have used the LDS Research Outlines over the years, either in paper format (purchased at the FHL or a local FHC) or have read or downloaded them from the classic LDS website ( 

I was reading through the Vermont page on the FamilySearch Research Wiki, and noted that there is a link to the BYU Vermont Research Outline, in PDF format, which largely duplicates the Research Wiki pages. 

I did not find a list of the different State Research Guides on the BYU website, so you will have to go to each one through the FamilySearch Research Wiki page for the state of interest, or you could edit the URL and replace "Vermont" with your state of interest. 

My guess is that this is how FamilySearch Labs populated the Research Wiki pages for the different states and the research topics in each state.

I checked several other states in the Research Wiki, and there are links for every state to a BYU [State] Research Outline.  There may be links for a number of countries also, I didn't check that out. 

These are very useful research outlines that a researcher could collect on his/her hard drive and have available wherever their computer and hard drive might be.

UPDATED 10 p.m.:  Reader Darlene commented that "...the entire list of BYU research outlines is at  Great tip, thank you, Darlene!

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Darlene said...

the entire list of BYU research outlines is at The other countries are listed there as well.

Good post. A reminder to make sure I have all the ones that I want.