Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Find Research Ideas in Ancestry.com's FREE Article Archives

Today's Tuesday's Tip is to find how-to and informational articles about genealogical and family history research in the FREE Ancestry.com Article Archives on their Learning Center.

The Ancestry.com Learning Center has information about how to build a Family Tree on Ancestry.com, how to search for records, how to understand records, how to collaborate with others on Ancestry.com, how to create and display a family history book, view Ancestry.com Webinars, how to use the Ancestry Family History Wiki, and the Article Archive.  These helps are in the form of videos and text articles. 

The Article Archives has a wealth of information.  You can search by subject, author or date on the Ancestry Archive page (a small "Keyword" search box in the lower left hand corner of the page).  There is also an Advanced Search page here.  Articles in the Archive come from the Ancestry Weekly Discovery newsletter, the Ancestry Monthly Update newsletter, Ancestry Magazine (now defunct), the Article Archive and Webinars.

Unfortunately, the search engine is not very sophisticated, so the reader often has to add keywords or add a date range or author's name to find a specific article.

Quite often, a respected genealogy author will have written something on a genealogical research topic that explains a record type or research methodology in a helpful way.  I use it frequently.

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