Monday, January 24, 2011

January 18th FamilySearch Bloginar is posted

The FamilySearch Bloginar (an online meeting of FamilySearch managers with bloggers and interested parties) held on Tuesday, 18 January is now available on the FamilySearch Wiki - see FamilySearch Bloginar Presentation - January 2011.

The agenda was:

1 p.m. Welcome. FamilySearch Bloginar/News Webinar Overview

1:05 Summary of latest collection updates
 .  Indexing milestone(s)

1:10 RootsTech 2011 Update: Overview of Scheduled Open Panels and Discussions (Gordon Clarke)
1:20 FamilySearch Research Courses Online

· 90 day outlook of upcoming developments
· New webinars and podcasts offerings
· Big picture of research curricula coming online
· Community involvement and training recording services

2:00 Remaining Questions and Answers
2:15 Hard stop

You can Watch a recording of the bloginar and Download a PDF version of the RootsTech overview presentation.

The RootsTech overview describes in detail the Open Interactive discussions, including:

th 3:00 PM --  “Value and use of APIs” moderated by Ancestry Insiderth 4:15 PM --  “How should we handle sources” moderated by Rick Laxmanh 9:45 AM --  “Exploring cemetery solutions” moderated by Gordon Clarketh 1:45 PM --   “How do we define a person” moderated by Phil Windleyth 9:46 AM --  “Genealogical data standards” moderated by Ancestry Insider
Thursday 10
Thursday 10
Friday 11t
Friday 11
Saturday 10

I participated in this Bloginar by listening  and speaking using my headphones connected to my computer, and by using the Chat box to ask questions or make comments during the event.  Some attendees connected to the Bloginar via telephone.  Others just watched the screen and used the chat box.  There were about 90 attendees connected to this Bloginar. 

I think that this type of presentation is beneficial to both the presenting company and the attendees.  For a minimum cost, the company can present their updated information, and the attendees learned something that can be written about and shared with colleagues. 

The FamilySearch Wiki page for "Bloginar" provides links to the bloginars held to date. 

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