Friday, February 11, 2011

Curt Witcher's Presentation at RootsTech Conference

I had never seen Curt Witcher make a presentation before.  I want to see more, and I urge my readers to attend any presentation he makes in your area, at a conference or on the Internet.

His talk today at RootsTech was titled "The Changing Face of Genealogy" and it was excellent.  I hope that it will be available on the Internet in the near future.

I did not take notes, but there are some helpful tweets from attendees and watchers about some of the points:

ClueWagon Curt Witcher is about to speak at #Rootstech. The last talk I heard about from him was on how computers threaten genealogy, so we'll see.

savingstories "We all have a story to tell." Curt Witcher #RootsTech

Luxegen Witcher: The best of times for genealogy #rootstech

cuwac1 Curt Witcher, Allen County library: "good old days" really meant more time & effort finding docs, less time analyzing & applying #rootstech

rjseaver Witcher at #rootstech. "The more often a wiki page is edited, the more accurate it is." exactly right. #genealogy

randywhited #rootstech Witcher: "Life is lived in the little places." I love that quote

rjseaver  Witcher: "is it better to have a photo archivally preserved in a vertical file, or online where people can find it?" #rootstech #genealogy

savingstories Millions of books you can download and search online! (Curt Witcher) #RootsTech His fav TV is Roots Television

rkoelz We need to show Witcher's presentation to local genealogy meetings #rootstech

findmyancestor "A changing environment... changes the face of genealogy..." #genealogy #RootsTech

jimmyzimmerman Technology allows us to spend less time searching and more time telling the story #RootsTech

MMBCommunity 13 mil active researchers #rootstech

MMBCommunity 1.6 million hobby genealogists online between ages of 18-44 #rootstech

randywhited #rootstech genealogy enthusiasts numbers have exploded 20-100x in a single generation

ClueWagon People don't join societies because there's no ROI. Societies aren't embracing technology. EXACTLY. #rootstech

ACoffin Is Witcher's 21st century genealogist profile on par? What say you? #rootstech

timshadel "21st century genealogists *expect* Moore's law" (Curt Witcher) #rootstech

rjseaver Witcher: it's about the experience, it';s about fun and success. Amen!!! #genealogy #rootstech

baysideresearch Witcher: #genealogy is abt the experience, not matching citations to Evidence Explained format. #RootsTech

dustyr #rootstech genealogy needs to be fun and people need success. People don't keep doing things that make them miserable.

ClueWagon The white gloves debate. Omigawd. I feel another drinking-game post coming on. #rootstech

footnoteMaven #rootstech Favorite Curt Witcher quote: "Change is opportunity." #genealogy

cuwac1 Witcher: There are a lot of online-only non-traditional genealogists (more than trad. folks) & it's all about the experience. #rootstech

findmyancestor The Face of Genealogy - Witcher is talking about all the YOUNG people. THEY are the future of #genealogy!! #RootsTech

ACoffin Witcher won me over with his "lighten up" speech. That exactly how I feel. Get 'em in the sandbox. They'll stay and play. #rootstech

TamuraJones #genealogy #rootstech Witcher has seen the light? No more "dark age" talk, but "I like technology now and you should too" instead.

travis_jordan Give them a good experience FIRST...right on....then learn the skill. "Get them in the sandbox or they will not want to play!" #rootstech

MMBCommunity Fun and success is how family history should be NOT frustrating! Get them in the sandbox! #rootstech

Famlyhstryalive Witcher-take the honey approach and get people in the sandbox. Don't focus on doing #genealogy the 'right way'. #rootstech

ClueWagon I'm shocked to hear this from an establishment guy. We should stop beating people over the head...this is a huge shift. #rootstech

savingstories Are we going to beat them over the head with 'You gotta do it this way?" Good Point #RootsTech Curt Witcher

savingstories "There is so much living history that dies everyday" #RootsTech Curt Witcher

LorineMS  Keynote Speaker Curt Witcher -New technology gives power to tell our stories. Best of times for genealogists #RootsTech

LynnPal Curt Witcher "less looking, more researching, more storytelling" thank you for a great online presentation at #RootsTech#genealogy

I heartily agree - this Curt Witcher presentation should be shown to genealogical societies all over the country.  And to their Boards of Directors before hand!


Lynn Palermo said...

I actually got out of armchair and cheered! Thank You Curt!

Kathryn Doyle said...

Darn, I missed this one too. Curt is an amazing speaker – and I see he has the Steve Jobs black turtleneck thing going. Perfect for #rootstech!