Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Isaac Seaver's Civil War Pension Papers: Deposition (Part 3) of the Widow

It's Treasure Chest Thursday, time to share one of the documents or artifacts in my family history collection.  In previous posts, I have displayed documents from the Civil War Pension File of Isaac Seaver, my second great-grandfather. 

I received the complete Civil War Pension File for Isaac Seaver on 3 January - see my post My Christmas Present Came Today - Oh Boy! - and it has 81 pages in the file.  Some of them have little or no information on them.  I'm going to cherry-pick some pages for this and later Treasure Chest Thursday posts.

The "treasure" this week is the third part of the "Deposition" that supports the application of the widow, Alvina M. (Bradley) (Lewis) Seaver, taken on 23 December 1901 by Frank Shapleigh of the Bureau of Pensions. 

The first part of the deposition was transcribed here.  The second part of the deposition was transcribed here. The third part of the deposition has two handwritten pages (written by the examiner and signed by the deponent).  It is a continuation of the second part of the deposition - it starts in the middle of a sentence:

The transcription of this third part of the deposition reads (filled in lines underlined, handwritten items italicized, tables spaced by periods):

[First page]

Except as stated above
I have no property,
real or personal and
no income from any
source nor have I had
since I filed my claim
for pension.
I have transferred no
property except as stated
Soldier left no life insurance.
No one is bound for my support.
I understand fully all
my rights in this
exmaination and I
voluntarily waive my
claim for pension under
the acts of June 27, 1890,
and May 9, 1900, for it
is evident to me that
my annual income is
much in excess of
$250, the amount prescribed
by law.
If in the future my

[second page]

income should decrease
for any reason so
as to bring me within
the law I shall file
a new application.
Please add that
I suffer greatly with
rheumatism and am so
crippled in my limbs
that I may be obliged
at any time to require
the services of a nurse.
I am so lame I can
go out but very little.

I do not desire to be
present at the further
examination of my
claim for pension.
I have heard the
foregoing statement read
and it is correct.

................ /s/ Alvina M. Seaver
...................  Deponent

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this 23 day of
December 1901 and I
certify that the contents were
???? made known to
deponent before signing.
.................. /s/ Frank Shapleigh
.................... Special Examiner

The deposition ends with Alvina agreeing that her income exceeds the maximum income that qualifies for a pension.  I didn't know what the limit was, but Alvina's income exceeds it significantly.

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