Monday, February 14, 2011

FamilyTech site at

Have you seen the FamilyTech web page on the site yet?  The page headline says "Technology tips for genealogists and family historians."

Here is the home page (two screens):

There are pages for:

1)  Computing: Computers, Mobile, Networks, Tablets

2)  Software: File Sharing, GPS, Image Editing

3)  Devices: Cameras, GPS, Printers, Scanners, Storage

4)  Internet: Social Netowrk, Safety, Resources

5)  How-Tos: Digitization, Preservation, Share

6)  Contribute

There are articles, written in a blog style, by a number of notable authors, most of whom are associated with FamilySearch and the LDS Church.  Although they are on a blog-like webpage, the page does not have an RSS feed yet.  Frankly, it should! 

Go take a look, and check back occasionally.


Taneya said...

i totally agree they need a RSS feed! I like the layout of the site. I look forward to seeing what else they add.

Darlene said...

Ditto. I've spent the last hour browsing there. A couple of familiar names and a lot of new ones to me.

Thank you for pointing us there.

Carole Riley said...

Thanks for pointing this out to us, should be very useful!

Chris said...

My question is how do you find it? I saw no links from the family search site.

I think that family search is going to have to put up some more navigation pointers before long.

Jimmy Zimmerman said...

There is a feed on this, but a bug is preventing the RSS icon from showing on the homepage. The feed URL for anyone interested is:

You can also subscribe to a feed for any of the subcategories.

The feed bug should be fixed shortly.

Jimmy Z