Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Use the list of FREE Online Vital Records Databases on LearnWebSkills.com site

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Use the FREE Online Vital Records Databases on the LearnWebSkills.com tutorial site.

I know - I recommended the genealogy tutorial site two weeks ago - but that was as a general tip for beginning genealogists, or beginning online genealogists. 

In Module 3 of the tutorial, there is a link to the page with over 3,000 free vital records and probate records organized by state and county.  The link to the page is http://www.learnwebskills.com/family/vitalrecords1.htm.

On this page, there are links to go to each state.  If you want to browse the entire list, it is broken up into two lists - Alabama through Massachusetts, and Michigan through Wyoming.  There are no listings for Alaska, the District of Columbia and Hawaii.

I scrolled down to California and saw:

I had forgotten that there is FREE access to the California Birth Index, 1905-1995 at  http://www.sfgenealogy.net/.  Note: There is also free access at http://www.familytreelegends.com/, but that link is not provided on the LearnWebSkills page.

Many of the links on the LearnWebSkills FREE Vital Records page are to the databases on the FamilySearch Historical Collections.  Hopefully, the page will be continually updated as more vital records are added to the FamilySearch collection.

I just added this page to my Vital Records Favorites list - it's great to have a one-stop shop for FREE vital records access.

I absolutely love and appreciate what Debbie Duay has done with the http://www.learningwebskills.com/ site - I use it in my Beginning Computer Genealogy class, and my Genealogy 101 class, as a way to get beginners started on using genealogy web sites.


Kathleen Moore said...

I'm finding a lot of success with my older New Jersey ancestors on the marriage and death indexes. I remember using that index before and not finding anything but it must have been before I know what I know currently.

Thanks for the post that has been a great reminder of this resource! I don't think my bank account thanks you though.

Missy/Bayside Research said...

Wow, thanks for this, Randy!

Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Valuabe site! Thanks for sharing.