Friday, February 18, 2011

FamilySearch Research Wiki - U.S. Census Records

I check out the FamilySearch Research Wiki occasionally (and much more often than a month ago!) to see how the information "grows" and "improves."  It does!  I found a neat chart on the United States Census records today that I wanted to share.

Starting from the Research Wiki page for the United States Census:

And scrolling down, there is a nice list of all of the states and territories:

From here, I clicked on Massachusetts, and saw:

A little further down is a chart showing where indexes and images of the Federal Census records are available online:

The chart shows what is on FamilySearch (Record Search and the "Classic" site) for Free, available for Free at some libraries (HeritageQuest, Footnote, Ancestry FHL, Ancestry Library), and what is available from home on  Each State has a similar form specific to the state.

Further down is a list for Federal Non-Population Census Records and State and Colonial Census Records:

 The page has links to the Microfilm images that are available in the Family History Library Catalog.

These tables are very useful for every researcher to keep track of what census records are available on microfilm or online, and whether with index and images.

Every researcher should be using the FamilySearch Research Wiki to help them determine what is available for book, microfilm and online research.

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