Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adding Photographs to my MyHeritage Family Tree - Post 1

The MyHeritage.com website encourages members to upload family photographs to the web site, and makes it relatively easy and fast to do so.  One good reason to do this is so that other members of your tree - your children, siblings, parents, cousins, etc. - will do the same and enrich the family tree photo collection.

 MyHeritage also offers a family tree Online Memory Game (or sells cards to play the game) that uses the pictures, which is one thing I'm going to try to get my grandchildren interested in the family history (heck, maybe even my children, siblings and cousins too!).

There are at least two methods to add these photos, and I'll demonstrate the first of them below:

1) Method 1 - a Batch upload.

From the "Photos & Video" tab on the MyHeritage home page, and the "Add photos & video" link:

Clicking on either the "Multiple file upload" (many images) or "Simple file upload" (3 images), the user can then select photos from the computer file system.  I chose the "Multiple file upload" and selected 37 photos from my thumbnail photo files.  Here are the uploaded results:

The pictures went into a "Recent Photos" album on MyHeritage.com.  Now I need to "tag" my photos and attach them to persons in my MyHeritage tree. 

I clicked on the "Tag people" link (on the "Photos & videos" tab) and saw my photos, but got an error message:

The system wanted me to tag all photos that belong to the same person, but after about five seconds, I received a "Communication error.  click "OK" to try again.  I got the error message repeatedly and finally Xed out and selected another link before the error message appeared again.

There is another way to add photos, and I'll look at that next time.

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