Friday, July 1, 2011

SAR Membership Applications on are FREE through 4 July

... added U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 to their collection on 29 June 2011.  There is FREE access to this collection through 4 July, per the email received from, which describes the collection as:

"The Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications let you trace generations of ancestors in a single document, showing your lineage back 235 years to the Revolutionary War.

This weekend, get free access to more than 145,000 applications and 1.2 million records and discover if your forefathers were founding fathers — or other patriots who fought for America’s independence."

I had to go look for Seaver folks, and found quite a few.  I captured some of the images (there is no Save button on this collection right now, and a right-mouse click doesn't work, so I used the Windows Snipping Tool - the images are fuzzy below, sorry).  Here's one of the Seaver-related applications: (3 images)

The particular application above is from the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) - I think that there are different forms for different states and different years. 

The application above has four pages - the first page is the right-hand page of the first image, the second and third pages are the two pages in the second image, and the fourth page is the left-hand page in the third image. 

The information on this particular application include:

*  Page 1 -- name of the applicant, name of the Revolutionary War soldier, SAR approvals, and dates for the application, approval and certificate.
*  Page 2 -- the specific line of the SAR applicant back to the RevWar soldier, including names of spouses, birth, death and marriage dates and places, and signature of the applicant.
*  Page 3 -- the ancestor's service in the Revolutionary War
*  Page 4 -- maiden name of applicant's wife, children and grandchildren of the applicant, published sources, and signature of the applicant.

Other forms that I've seen in the collection don't have the names of the wife, children and grandchildren.

Now to methodically go through this collection for my ancestral families and determine if someone who sent in an application knows more than I do about my families. 

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