Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SDGS Meeting Saturday, 9 July: Paula Sassi on Handwriting Analysis

The July meeting of the San Diego Genealogical Society (SDGS) is Saturday, 9 July at 10 a.m. at St. Andrews Lutheran Church (8350 Lake Murray Blvd., near Jackson Drive). 

The program speaker is Paula A. Sassi, a Certified Master Graphologist, who will present:

*  What Was Great Grandpa Really Like?

Genealogy helps locate and track ancestors, but how do you gain insight into their true personalities including how they thought, processed feelings and interacted with others?  Paula will show you how handwriting analysis can be applied to the research and study of ancestors.  By analyzing old documents, records and letters, you can discover what great grandpa or other people in your family were really like.  From colonial times to the present, you can discern personality and behavior from the strokes of writing no matter what period or heritage of the person.

*  Handwriting and History

Handwriting analysis gives a glimpse of the past through antique handwritten books, letters and documents.  By exploring these samples, you will achieve an insight into what handwriting can reveal about bygone eras.  From paupers to presidents, the personality of writers becomes evident from the words they wrote and the letter formations they used.  Examples of old hotel directories with famous signatures, an 1890 Mayor's Docket from the City of Waco, Texas, letters from Civil War and WWII, autograph books, and other unique memorabilia.  Take a trip back in time to experience history in a whole new way and find out information the history books never told you.

In between the two sessions will be the Annual Ice Cream Social with cones or sundaes. 

There will be SDGS announcements before each presentation, and an opportunity drawing.

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