Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - How to Find New/Updated Collections on FamilySearch.org

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to:  Check out the latest new and updated historical collections on Family Search (https://www.familysearch.org/s/collection/list) by clicking on the "Last Updated" link to see them in date order.

The default view any time a user comes to the collections page is the list of Historical Collections available in alphabetical order.  Here is today's screen:

As you can see, there are 669 collections available, listed alphabetically. 

To find the most recent collections added or updated in date order, click on the "Last Updated" link on the screen above, with the result below:

An added bonus:  How to search for collections for a specific country, state, or record type:  Use the search field on the upper left side to find collections - I input "new jersey" in the field and the results were:

The problem I have is when I go back to the Historical Collections page after browsing or searching, it always reverts back to the alphabetical listing. 

After doing a keyword search like the above, you cannot return to that page of results for the keyword - you have to go to the main Historical Collections page and search again.

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Rosemary said...

Been there, done that and got truly annoyed by being bumped back to the home page.