Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Google Plus Commentary

Are you on Google+ yet?  Google+ is the newest Social Network, and online genealogists are adopting it in droves.  If you want more information about Google + - see the help page here.

Here is one of the cartoons making the rounds on Google+:

There have been several posts about Google+ by geneabloggers - see:

*  Banai Feldstein's Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter – 10 Things.

*  Tamura Jones's Google+

*  DearMYRTLE's 3 helpful GooglePlus posts and creating a vanity URL

*  Lorine McGinnis Schulze's Jumping on the Google+ Bandwagon

There will be many more!

The posts above have done a good job of describing the Google+ Project.

Here is my Profile page on Google+:

On my page, I can see who are in my Circles, all of my posts and their comments, etc.  I cannot see all of the posts by other people that I've commented on.

The default Circles in Google+ are Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following.  I created several new Circles for my Genealogy, Geneabloggers and San Diego Genealogists friends.  I can add my contacts to any Circle, even to several Circles.  I can send invitations (a limited number!) to people by knowing their email addresses, and Google+ tries to help me by showing me candidates from my Gmail email address book.

People in my Circles can read my posts on Google+ and I can read the posts of people who have me in one of their Circles.  I can read the posts of people in my circles by checking my "Stream:"

I can Comment on, Share and Like (using the +1 button) any post in my Stream. 

So far, I see these significant advantages of Google+ over Facebook and Twitter (perhaps as a result of Google+ being new):

1)  There seems to be more genealogy content on Google+ relative to Facebook.  There are more comments.

2)  There seems to be no limitation on characters or words in Google+ (Facebook has 500 characters, Twitter has 140). 

3)  Some geneabloggers are putting their links to posts, but they don't need to use a filename shortener. 

4)  Having different Circles, and being able to pick which Circles to receive each post, means that I can target only my Family or only San Diego genealogists, or only Geneabloggers.

Do you need an invitation? If so, email me at  I'll try!


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