Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your "Heritage Pie" Chart

Ah, Genea-folks, it's Saturday Night again - are you ready for more Genealogy Fun?

Your mission tonight, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  List your 16 great-great-grandparents with their birth, death and marriage data (dates and places).  [Hint - you might use an Ancestral Name List from your software for this.]

2)  Determine the countries (or states) that these ancestors lived in at their birth and at their death.

3)  For extra credit, go make a "Heritage Pie" chart for the country of origin (birth place) for these 16 ancestors. [Hint: you could use the  chart generator from Kid Zone for this.] [Note: Thank you to Sheri Fenley for the "Heritage Pie" chart idea.]

4.  Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a post on Facebook or google+.

Here's mine:

My 16 great-greats are:

16. Isaac Seaver, son of Benjamin Seaver and Abigail Gates was born on 16 October 1823 in
 Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. He died on 12 March 1901 in Leominster, Worcester,
Massachusetts, USA. He married Lucretia Townsend Smith on 09 September 1851 in Walpole,
Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA.

17. Lucretia Townsend Smith, daughter of Alpheus B. Smith and Elizabeth Horton Dill was born
before 06 September 1828 in Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA. She died on 24 March 1884 in
Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

18. Edward Hildreth, son of Zachariah Hildreth and Hannah Sawtell was born on 30 April 1831 in
Townsend, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA. He died on 26 April 1899 in Leominster, Worcester,
Massachusetts, USA. He married Sophia Newton on 25 December 1852 in Northborough, Worcester,
 Massachusetts, USA.

19. Sophia Newton, daughter of Thomas J. Newton and Sophia Buck was born on 14 September 1834
in Springfield, Windsor, Vermont, USA. She died on 29 August 1923 in Leominster, Worcester,
Massachusetts, USA.

20. James Richman, son of John Richman and Ann Marshman was born before 08 April 1821 in
Hilperton, Wiltshire, England. He died on 20 December 1912 in Putnam, Windham, Connecticut,
USA. He married Hannah Rich on 07 September 1845 in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England.

21. Hannah Rich, daughter of John Rich and Rebecca Hill was born on 14 April 1824 in Hilperton,
Wiltshire, England. She died on 08 August 1911 in Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, USA.

22. Henry Arnold White, son of Jonathan White and Miranda Wade was born in 1824 in Glocester,
Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He died on 01 August 1885 in East Killingly, Windham,
 Connecticut, USA. He married Amy Frances Oatley on 30 June 1844 in Thompson, Windham,
 Connecticut, USA.

23. Amy Frances Oatley, daughter of Jonathan Oatley and Amy Champlin was born in 1826 in South
Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, USA. She died before 1870 in Killingly, Windham,
Connecticut, USA.

24. David Jackson Carringer, son of Heinrich Carringer and Sarah Feather was born on 04
November 1828 in Greenville, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA. He died on 20 January 1902 in San Diego,
San Diego, California, USA. He married Rebecca Spangler on 16 October 1851 in Mercer,
Pennsylvania, USA.

25. Rebecca Spangler, daughter of John Daniel Spangler and Elizabeth King was born on 02 April
1832 in Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA. She died on 13 December 1901 in San Diego, San Diego,
California, USA.

26. Devier James Lamphear Smith was born on 07 May 1839 in Henderson, Jefferson, New York,
USA. He died on 01 May 1894 in McCook, Red Willow, Nebraska, USA. He married Abigail A.
Vaux on 04 April 1861 in Rolling Prairie, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA.

27. Abigail A. Vaux, daughter of Samuel Vaux and Mary Ann Underhill was born on 28 October
1844 in Aurora, Erie, New York, USA. She died on 11 September 1931 in San Diego, San Diego,
California, USA.

28. David Auble, son of Johannes Auble and Anna Row was born in 1817 in Stillwater, Sussex, New
Jersey, USA. He died on 22 March 1894 in Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana, USA. He married Sarah G.
Knapp about 1844 in Newton, Sussex, New Jersey, USA.

29. Sarah G. Knapp, daughter of William Knapp and Sarah Cutter was born in January 1818 in
probably Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA. She died after 1900 in probably Bushnell,
McDonough County, Illinois, USA.

30. James Abram Kemp, son of Abraham James Kemp and Sarah Sephrona Fletcher was born on 22
May 1831 in Hillier, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada. He died on 19 September 1902 in Delhi,
Norfolk, Ontario, Canada. He married Mary Jane Sovereen on 10 March 1861 in Middleton,
Norfolk, Ontario, Canada.

31. Mary Jane Sovereen, daughter of Alexander Sovereign and Eliza Putman was born on 29
December 1840 in Windham, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada. She died on 20 May 1874 in Middleton,
Norfolk, Ontario, Canada.

The birthplaces of my 16 great-great-grandparents are:

*  USA 12 (4 in MA, 2 in RI, 2 in PA, 2 in NY, 2 in NJ)
*  England - 2
*  Canada - 2

Here is my "Heritage Pie" chart:


Sheri Fenley said...

Seaver! What a well rounded, almost evenly sliced, pie you have!

ps. - truth be told, I saw the idea for the charts on Diane Haddad's site The Genealogy Insider.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Randy. I've been reading your "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" posts for some time. I finally decided to join in. My results are posted at

RBrass189 said...

Great idea Randy. I posted mine on my IoWisBrassfield genealogy blog: here.

Unknown said...

Well, I set out to do this and realized as soon as I looked at my database that is is beyond me.
I can't really do this for my 8 g grandparents. I do have data (some of it very sparse) for all 8 of them, but much of it is still unsourced and some of it is based only on family stories.
As for the g greatgrandparents; I have NO data for 6 of them, and mostly unsourced data for the other 10. The sources I do have are still uncertain because it's a foreign site and I am unsure I know enough about Netherlands research to be certain I have the correct records.
Ask me again in a year or so; maybe I will have learned enough to have dissolved those brick walls!

Chris Staats said...

Well Mr. Seaver, you did it again - forced me to start goofing off, stopping what I was doing to start posting about pies, mutts, and whatnot. I saw your 16 ancestors and raised you 16 :)

Elizabeth Handler said...

My results are posted at From Maine to Kentucky.

Tonia said...

This was fun, Randy!

My version is posted here.

Susan S. Frederick said...

Wow, I've got some work to do! Lots of "Unknown" on my list:
1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. Jacob Bertalot b. 1823 in Dornholzhausen, Germany, d. before 1917 in Stephenson County, IL Married about 1854 (location unknown) to Elizabeth Koch
6. Elizabeth Koch b. 1830 in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, d. 1917 in Stephenson County, IL
7. Silas W. Ingalls, b. about 1822 in NY. Married Helen (maiden name , date and location unknown). d. unknown date and place
8. Helen Ingalls, b. about 1832 in PA, d. unknown date and place
9. Jacob Armagost, b. 1811 in PA, d. 1884 in Stephenson County, IL. Married Roseanna Miller 1831 in PA
10. Roseanna Miller, b. 1812 in PA, d. 1900 in Stephenson County, IL
11. Samuel Stine, b. 1818 in MD, d. 1891 in JoDaviess County, IL. Married Esther Ann Walter 1847 in PA
12. Esther Ann Walter, b. 1807 in PA d. 1888 in Stephenson County, IL
13. Johann Heinrich Henke, b. about 1796 in Prussia, d. unknown. Married to unknown spouse, unknown date, unknown place
14. Unknown
15. Henry Hofmeister, b. about 1807 in Germany, d. unknown. Married Anna, unknown surname, unknown date of marriage.
16. Anna Unknown, b. about 1820 in Germany, d. unknown
My pie chart is PA, Germany & Unknown, with a NY and a MD
Susan in St. Louis

Deb Ruth said...

Thanks for another Saturday night of genealogy fun!

My SNGF Graph.

Have a great evening!

Unknown said...

Here's mine: link

Dana said...

That was a fun challenge! Granted, I cheated a bit because my 16GG-Grands are not from other countries, so I went with states, but it worked out well enough. Thanks!

Erica said...

My GG grandparents:
1.) Robert DAKIN
1806 Hudson, Columbia NY
3 May 1838 (probably Hudson, Columbia NY)
2.) Hannah Marie COLBY (or COLBURN)
1810 Chenango County, NY
7 Nov 1852 Hudson, Columbia, NY
3.) Stephen SMITH
17 Nov 1824 Kent, Litchfield CT
1 Oct 1896 Kent, Litchfield CT
4.) Abigail JENNINGS
12 Apr 1833 New Fairfield, Fairfield CT
16 June 1882 Kent, Litchfield CT
5.) Charles EVANS
2 Aug 1820 Sherman CT
4 Dec 1903, Great Barrington MA
6.) Hannah Elizabeth RADFORD
6 Jan 1825 Middlebury, New Haven CT
5 Dec 1915 Gt Barrington MA
7.) Eric Adolf HELSTEN
27 Feb 1822 Upsala Domkyrkoförsamling Sweden
4 Jan 1903 Gaylordsville, Litchfield CT
8.) Mary HEARTY
March 1823 Parish Cregan, County Armagh, Ireland
17 September 1902, Gaylordsville, Litchfield CT
9.) William RICHARDSON
5 Nov 1835 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
17 Dec 1921, Winamac, Pulaski IN
10.) Mary A C BOGART
1841 Belleville, Ontario, Canada
19 Aug 1910 Downers Grove, DuPage IL
11.) Robert Searing WORTHINGTON
4 Oct 1830 Albany NY
23 May 1903 Oak Park, Cook, IL
12.) Elnora Esther COBB
13 July 1839, Rome NY
6 March 1923, Oak Park, Cook, IL
13.) Enoch Dole HARVEY
10 Jan 1811 Danville VT
26 Jan 1888, Lake Mills, Jefferson WI
14. )Mary Hubbard NYE
19 Apr 1812 Berlin VT
2 Jan 1859, WI
15.) Charles COPELAND
3 May 1823 W Bridgewater, MA
7 Feb 1889, Jefferson WI
16.) Hannah Elizabeth BLODGETT
14 July 1826, Randolph VT
d. 19 Dec 1919, Jefferson WI

Liz said...

Here's my post, Randy:

Donna - What's Past is Prologue said...


Here's mine:
Sweet Sixteen Redux


MNFamilyHistorian said...

Fun idea! But my list isn't nearly as detailed as yours.

Greta Koehl said...

Thanks for the fun this Saturday night, Randy - mine is at

Kathy Reed said...

I was challenged to do this one because I thought it would be easy. Then I found out I needed to clean up my data a little bit. Glad I did it -- and I get the extra credit.

Unknown said...

Thanks for another fun activity, Randy!

Here's the link to my mostly-American Heritage Pie!

Jean said...
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Jean said...

Thanks for another fun challenge! Here is my "American Pie"

Jen Smart said...

Thanks Randy - I enjoyed this one! My post is here

Sharon said...

I've written my post and it can be found at

Bill West said...

Mine's at

Anonymous said...

Gtownma's Submssion

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the interesting mission. Mine is at

Unknown said...

My first post on my genealogy blog, Searching for Roots and Branches, is based on this exercise.

Kristin said...

A bit late, but I got mine up this morning here I also went with states as everyone was born in the United States. I will be looking for more data as a result of this.

Diana Ritchie said...

A bit late - but since I had all the info from before I just had to jump in and do the pie chart. Very fun!! Mine is here.

palib said...

Hi Randy,
Thanks,Randy. Great idea. Now that my Roots Magic is working with your help, I was easily able to complete my somewhat sketchy great, greats.
It can be located at

Cousin Pam Lacy Hatton

Maggie said...

Thanks Randy, that was fun! A little late, but here's mine: My Heritage Pie ~ SNGF

. said...

WOW! This was a goodie! I was pretty surprised:) See my pie post on

Tara said...
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Tara said...

So I'm a little late, but I couldn't resist! Here's my post: My Heritage Pie
Thanks for the great idea, Randy!

Reba said...

It took me a few minutes but here are my 16 gggrandparents;

Adam Leverson Logue (b 24 Apr 1818 in Grove City, Cameron, PA, d. 19 Nov 1893 in Wharton, Potter, PA). He married Sarah Ann Mahon (b. 1817 in Wharton, Potter, PA, d. 18 Feb 1874 in Wharton, Potter, PA) 1840, Wharton, Potter, PA

John S Sweet (b 1817 in Erwin, Steuben County, NY, d After 1880 in Williamsport Ward 4, Lycoming, PA). He married Mary 'Polly' Wheeler (b abt 1818 in New York , d Jul 1880 in Susquehanna CO., PA) in 1836 in Steuben, NY.

Lotan Dexter (b 30 Jan 1801 in Albion, Kennebec, ME, d 9 May 1873 in Toulon, Stark, IL). He married Ruby Fish (b 2 Nov 1801 in Dover, Piscataquis, ME , d 23 Mar 1896 in Toulon, Stark, IL) abt 1826 in Maine.

Jeremiah Bennett (b 26 Mar 1794 in Cayuga,NY , d 11 April 1870 in Saxon,Stark,IL) . He married Sarah Winne (b 11 Nov 1801 in Albany, Cayuga, NY, d 3 Feb 1886 in Saxon, Stark, IL) in 1820 in Cayuga NY.

John C. Crawford (b 23 Sept 1772 in Fauquier, VA, d 11 Aug 1845 in Laurel, KY). He married Matilda Benson (b 13 Aug 1789 in Fauquier, VA. d 28 Jul 1858 in Laurel, KY) abt 1806 in VA.

Joseph Cephas Weaver (b 24 Nov 1808 in Cookeville, Putnam, TN. d 5 Jun 1889 in Cane Creek, Laurel, KY). He married Frances Powell Bledsoe (b 13 Aug 1803 in KY, d 17 Nov 1847 in Laurel, KY) abt 1828 in Laurel, KY.

James H Tuttle (b 1808 in Clay, KY , d 29 Mar 1861 in Laurel, KY) He married Elizabeth Yeager (b 1809 in Laurel, KY, d 1880 in Laurel, KY) Jan 1830 in Clay, KY.

John D Scott (b 3 May 1810 in Surry, NC, d aft 1880 in Laurel, KY). He married Arrena K Camplin (b 1817 in Knox Co, KY, d after 1860 in Laurel, KY) 1 Aug 1833 in Laurel, KY.

Reba McMillan

Lela Golightley Evans said...

What fun! Tomorrow I'll post my husband's family.

Linda McCauley said...

It's never to late for SNGF. Here's mine.

Sara Greenleaf said...

A few days late, but still fun mid-week: A great challenge - I can see using this type of data more. I also played with ahnentafel numbers before doing the challenge. Thanks!

Wendy Grant Walter said...

I know I'm very late! My version is posted at