Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Genealogy Paintings - Unique Ancestry Art


I received this information about Nathan Gambling's Ancestry Art website via email two weeks ago, and want to pass the opportunity along to all of my readers.  Nathan writes:

"A UK artist uses soil from the regional areas (counties) of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales in his unique, paintings.

“When I inherited my mum’s ancestral research after she passed away I decided I wanted to create art that could make genealogy remarkable.  Instead of looking at paintings and discussing the artist, its’ aesthetics and how much it costs, my paintings (I call them HeritageHumus) inspire a more interesting discussion: one about family. People choose a county associated with their ancestry and I use soil from that place to paint an original abstract painting.

"The paintings are all similar in design and feature an earthy coloured background with a number of rectangle panels. In these panels, which I call windows to the past, you see the land your ancestors came from.  Collecting the soil for my paintings is a lot easier than people think as Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales are extremely small compared to the vast expanses of America and Canada.

"As well as the paintings holding an interest for people who know their Irish and British ancestry, they can also make great gifts for people who used to live or work here in these small islands. And I also use soil from counties associated with historical figures.”

"You can visit Nathan’s site at: or contact him via email: "

Here are more links:

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Disclosure:  I have received no goods or services for posting this information about Nathan's Ancestral art product.  I do hope that he is successful in his endeavor.

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