Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Claus videos at's YouTube Channel

... has some funny videos starring Santa Claus on the YouTube website, including:

1) Behind the Scenes with Santa Claus :

2) Santa Claus (Director's Cut) :

Will these commercials be shown on TV?  I wonder!

You might not want your kids watch these!
There was a real Santa Claus in the records - I wrote about him in Santa Claus in the Census? and this Santa Claus isn't coming to town.  Two granddaughters of this Santa Claus responded to the latter post! 


Your Ancestory Researcher said...

Clever but yeah... Interesting research on the real Santa Claus person you found :)

Live Oak Pest Control said...

I thought it was creative to say the least. I love the holidays and the wacky commercials that usually follow.