Friday, December 16, 2011

Elizabeth Shown Mills's "Historic Pathways" Website

I just added to my Favorites list (in the "Education" section) on my computer.  This is the website of one of the most prolific, expert and supportive genealogists I am proud to know - Elizabeth Shown Mills.

There are a number of articles on the "Articles" link that demonstrate the depth and breadth of Elizabeth's work.  I spent an enjoyable hour yesterday, and another today, reading:

*  “Assimilation? Or Marginalization and Discrimination? Romani Settlers of the Colonial Gulf”

*  “The Genealogist’s Assessment of Alex Haley’s Roots

*  “Unravelling Balls of Yarn: Lessons in the Use of a Skeptical Eye”

*  “Roundabout Research: Pursuing Collateral Lines”

*  “Stanville ‘Estinville’ Sémère, aka Stanville Simmons (Hunt Oil vs. Julien)"

There are many more articles on the website.  I look forward to spending many more hours reading Elizabeth's work.  I have read several of her NGSQ articles previously, and have her three major genealogy books. 

There is a wealth of documented research on the site that knock my socks off.  These articles are excellent examples of doing "real" genealogical research using all available resources. 

I highly recommend that all genealogists read the work of Elizabeth Shown Mills in every venue possible, and attend several of her scintillating lectures at genealogy conferences and seminars. 

Note that Historic Pathways is a website, and not a blog that would be accessible by an RSS Reader. 


gensearchdeb said...


You want an article that will knock your socks off! Try her article titled, “In Search of ‘Mr. Ball’: An Exercise in Finding Fathers.”

It is truly amazing how she was able to prove a VERY illusive man.

I, like you, see many, many hours of reading ahead for me.

Catherine Pendleton said...

I read her "Ethnicity and the Southern Genealogist..." last night---amazing! Can't wait to get to "In Search of 'Mr. Ball': An Exercise in Finding Fathers." I downloaded two other articles and I'm not done downloading yet. I'll be busy reading (and learning) for a while :)