Monday, December 12, 2011

First Look at the RootsTech 2012 Schedule

I spent some time today looking at the list of RootsTech 2012 presentations and speakers on the page. 

The description says:

"At RootsTech you’ll hear from technology leaders and innovators in the family history industry. Learn new skills, best practices and discover technology tools through interactive presentations and hands-on workshops."

There are two "tracks" - one for "Users" (80 talks) and one for "Developers" (53 talks).  I am most interested in the "Users" track.  Unfortunately, there is no listing of dates and times for the different presentations on the RootsTech web site yet.  I went looking for intriguing "Users" presentations, and saw these "Top 10":

*  "A Report Card for the Genealogy software Industry" by Ron Tanner

*  "Digitizing Your Way to Organization" by Pamela Sayre

*  "Future of FamilySearch Family Tree" by Ron Tanner

*  "Genealogy 2.0: international panelists discuss their use of social media to connect with cousins, collaborate on projects, discuss issues, market and promote genealogy services and perform acts of genealogical kindness., with Jill Ball, Joan Miller, Audrey Collins, Amy coffin.

*  "Genealogy Internet Gems" by Ancestry Insider

*  "Inspiring Ways to Capture the Interest of the Non-Genealogists in Your Life" by Lisa Louise Cooke

*  "Mobile Apps for Genealogy" by A.C. Ivory

*  "RootsTech Genealogy Idol" by Geoff Rasmussen

*  "The Fifty Most Popular Genealogy Websites (Really!)" by Kory Meyerink

*  "What does it take to get a good result? The inner-workings of the search engine" by John Bacus

And in the "Developers" track, these caught my eye:

*  "A New GEDCOM: Project Scope, Goals, and Governance" by Ryan Heaton

*  "A New GEDCOM: Tools, Syntax and Semantics" by Ryan Heaton

*  "A Robust Open-source GEDCOM Parser" by Dallan Quass

*  "Citation Principles for Tech Creators" by Robert Raymond

There are many more, of course!   Go look at the page and see what you would like to attend.

What presentations top your "must-see" list?

Something tells me that I won't be spending as much time as usual in the Bloggers cage/fishbowl/lounge...

Disclosure:  I am an Official Blogger for RootsTech, and have had my conference registration comped by RootsTech.   I will be  blogging from the conference and sharing my experiences, opinions and photos about what I see and hear.

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