Friday, March 9, 2012

Follow-Up Friday - the Weekly Potpourri

It's Friday, and I like to review my genealogy week and respond to comments on my blog posts or from email.  

1)  I tested out the Legacy Family Tree 7.5 new Census Tools in Legacy Family Tree 7.5 Adds Census Year Reports and then watched Geoff Rasmussen's flash webinar today (go to  to see it -it's free for everyone).   During the webinar, I tried several things that worked:

*  Make a list for the 1940 census for one state.
*  Make a list for the 1940 census for one county.
*  Make a list for the 1940 census for one city or town.
*  Make a list for the 1940 census for only ancestral families (by tagging ancestors and then using that subset to make the list).

2)  I watched the Thomas MacEntee webinar from 7 March titled Navigating the 1940 U.S. Census.  Everyone who will be searching the 1940 US census before the index is available should watch this - it's free until 19 March.  Thomas works through the Steve Morse One-Step page 1940 ED Finder for several examples.  

3)  I presented "Wikis for Genealogy Collaboration" and "Genealogy Blogging - What, Why, Where How" at the Escondido Family History Fair on Saturday, 3 March.  Unfortunately, the first page of my handout for the Wiki presentation was not included in the syllabus.  If you want a copy of my handout, please email me at   Both talks were well received by the audience.  Yvette Porter-Moore took photos of me doing a presentation and posted them on Facebook.  She also posted a photo of she and I in front of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society exhibit also.  

I enjoyed Kendall Jefferson's (Of keynote talk on "Technology Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - From Film to Facebook."  I also attended Gena Ortega's talk on "Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 5" (comfy seats, and I learned several things about RootsMagic) and Brenda Danielson's talk on "Case Study of the Mysterious McGowans" (in costume and character - a fascinating story of researching which ancestor murdered another).

4)  Linda and I are signed up for the Legacy Family Tree Cruise (leaving Oslo, Norway on 12 May 2012, visiting LeHavre/Paris, Normandy beaches, Dublin, Liverpool, and Edinburgh and Oslo, returning on 21 May).  I agreed with Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy to make two presentations on the cruise to the captive audience...I'm looking forward to this.  This means that I won't be attending the NGS Conference in early May in Cincinnati.  We will be at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree, however.

5)  In my post Dear AppleTree - Please Put in Privacy Controls, reader Gerry commented:

"Randy, you will never hear from a legitimate person at "Appletree" because that site is nothing more than a personal information scavenger. That's the big danger in online genealogy."

You're right, Gerry - they haven't answered yet after 8 days...  My opinion is that every family tree website should be responsive to their submitters, customers and users.  In this case, Appletree had been unresponsive to my emails and blog post.  I don't recommend submitting family tree information to AppleTree.  I wish someone had warned me several years ago, or that I had carefully read the Terms and Conditions.  

6)  My SDGS/CGSSD colleague, Del, experienced a problem with Family Tree Maker 2012 giving him a message "Family Tree Maker 2010- 2012 encountered an error and needs to close or stopped working."  His experience is interesting:

"I uninstalled and reinstalled FTM twice, thinking that would solve the problem.  Finally, I  called FTM technical support.  Very quickly the young lady said she was familiar with the problem, several others had also encountered it and she would e-mail me instructions for solving the problem.  The instructions covered Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  Essentially it involved going into drive C, Documents, Profile and Settings, selecting the Local Settings folder, opening the Application Data folder and deleting the file.  I am not a real techy; but believe the problem might have been a glitch with the new "Synch trees" feature in FTM 2012.  However, that is solely speculation on my part--tech support said it was a Windows problem.  Anyhow, that solved my problem; but then I realized that my tree on Ancestry was a later version with 24 more individuals than the one I now had just reloaded on my FTM program. 

"Had I followed the instructions on FTM to "Upload and Sync with Ancestry", I would have uploaded the older version of the tree which had 24 fewer individuals and perhaps (I am not certain) lost the later version that was on Ancestry.  Anyhow, after checking with FTM tech support again, they showed me how to select Plan>New Tree and to select the option to select "Download from Ancestry", select the correct tree and then download from Ancestry back to FTM, thus making sure I had the latest tree on both Ancestry and FTM." 

The email contact from Family Tree Maker provided a link to the Help page for Opening Family Tree Maker 2010-2012, I receive an error message. How do I fix this? that Del referred to above.

Del didn't lose anything in this instance, but if he had changed information in both his Ancestry Member Tree and his desktop Family Tree Maker, he might have lost information.  FTM users beware!  Thank you, Del, for sharing and I hope this posting will prevent others from having similar problems.

7)  Am I being stalked?  A certain commenter sends me about ten comments a week along the lines of:

"Hi dear. This is a happy thing : )." and "Hi dear. Hope to get better."

I guess it could be worse! :)  I hope s/he gets better and quits commenting.  It's a pain to delete comments on a regular basis.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,

I don't think you are being stalked! I do think that the email address associated with your blog has been spammed or fished or whatever it's called. (I'm not very techy, so I may be using the wrong term.) A friend of a friend's computer has a virus, and now it's got your email address, too.)

Unfortunate, but your internet provider should clear it up soon. Happened to me recently, with similar bizarre messges. We re-ran all virus protection and it took about a week. Good luck.