Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Search Engine Shoot-Out

James Tanner writes about many interesting genealogy topics, but this one spurred me to perform my own search using his methodology.  See James' post Search Engine Shoot Out for details of the different search engines, and his own results.

I'm going to do two tests using the same methodology that James used:

1)  A search for "thomas j. newton" "sophia buck": Total 1,417 (including 7 "personal results") Total 9
Yahoo! Total 7 No total given but 6 listed Total 7 Total 7 Total 9
Dogpile  Total 10 Total 0 Total "about" 70

2)  A search for "genealogical proof standard" Total 21,680 (including 180 "personal results") Total 17,000
Yahoo! Total 14,600 No total given but after about 210, the results were duplicated Total about 21,000 Total 1,460 Total 14,700
Dogpile  Total 369 Total 24 Total 3,179

Of course, I did not check for duplications in each of those sites - I just quoted the number provided (or tried to figure out a number if no number was given).

The newest search engine, Mocavo (for genealogy results only), seems  to be holding its own in these tests.

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Anonymous said...

You may be interested in "Search Engine Showdown" which is the work of Greg Notess, a reference librarian--