Thursday, May 24, 2012

Geneablogging works really well...

I had a number of email contacts in the week before we left for the Legacy Family Tree cruise vacation.  They included:

*  A query asking about my relationship with Albert Freeman Dill, who is buried in San Diego.  They saw my Saouth San Diego County Graveyard Rabbit blog post showing the gravestone.  We are fairly distant cousins - like 6th cousins.

*  Another, independent, query, from a cousin of the queryist above, about the Dill family in San Diego.  I found quite a few articles in San Diego newspapers about the family in GenealogyBank.  This queryist had heard of my mother - my mother and her mother were sorority sisters!

*  A query asking about my wife's McKnew line, from a second cousin of my wife.  This queryist is going soon to Edinburgh to search for McKnew connections in Scotland.

*  An email from a Samwell descendant offering information about George Samwell, a husband of Belle McKnew, who was one of my wife's great-aunts.

*  A query about the Hill family in Wiltshire, England, asking what I knew about a Richard Hill born in 1803, and if he was a son of John and Ann (Warren) Hill of Wiltshire (my ancestors).  I wrote back saying I didn't think so, despite information in several Ancestry Member Trees.

*  An email from a person noting that they have just purchased the Aaron Smith house in Medfield, Massachusetts, asking for information about Aaron and his family.  This is cool - I didn't know the house was still there!

*  An email from a third cousin from the Devier Smith line who were in San Diego.  His ancestor, David smith, and my great-grandmother, Della Smith, were cousins.  My line lost contact with his line in the 1940s, I think.

Yes, indeed!  Genealogy blogging works by casting out the "cousin bait" in the form of photographs, stories, and genealogy data.  Relatives eventually go "fishing " for the parents and grandparents and somehow find Genea-Musings and me.  I love it!

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Jana Iverson Last said...

Congratulations!! As a fairly new genealogy blogger, this is certainly encouraging to hear about your successes with cousins finding you via your blog. Thanks for sharing.

GeniAus said...

I'll second this - had two valuable bites of my bait this week.

Tonia said...

I've had one contact this week - and it came with a photo I didn't have. Yep. This works.