Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Got Dutch Ancestry? Tell Peter!

Do you have ancestry from The Netherlands - either recent immigrants or colonial immigrants to North America?  If so, please check out Peter's Blog (

Peter has created a list of genealogy bloggers with Dutch ancestry - see  I'm on the list!

If you want to be added to Peter's list, please contact Peter through his blog or Twitter (@patmcast), and he will add your surnames to his list.

This is another example of how geneabloggers can work together for the benefit of each other and of blog readers also.

I noted that Peter worked in the commercial aircraft industry before his retirement, as I also did.  I can relate to many of his posts about his aircraft industry experience, although I worked on the design/analysis/test side of aircraft development.

Note:  Some of Peter's posts are in Dutch.  My Chrome browser "knows" this and asks me if I want the page translated.  That works!

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Peter said...

Thank you Randy for paying attention to my blog! If ever I need an advertising agency in the States...
Kind regards,
PS Working for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines I was in the aircargo part of the airline business.