Friday, July 13, 2012

1940 Census for California Infographic has created a 1940 U.S. Census for California infographic for our viewing pleasure - and they offer it to us to post: and other community project partners recently announced the release of the California 1940 census index. We wanted to showcase California in 1940, and demonstrate all of the interesting facts that can be found, by putting together this neat infographic.

We thought you and your readers would enjoy this, so we wanted to share with you!

1940 census
The Blog announced Adds 1940 Census Indexes for 15 States today, bringing the total on up to 25).  Their blog post also provides links to see the 1940 census entry for many famous people - young and old at the time.

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bgwiehle said...

Hi Randy,
Now that 1940 census indexes are available from both FamilySearch (and and Ancestry for California (and 16 other states), will you be checking the indexing quality of the entries you found by browsing (before the indexes)? FamilySearch indexing has been better, but comments and corrections are not possible. In the long run, Ancestry may end up with better entries, at least for the families with interested Ancestry subscribers.
In a related challenge, who in your database has the most documented census entries? Include foreign and state censuses! Answering this will depend on whether you've documented enumerations as a separate event and how you have handled persons who are not the head of household.
Thankyou for a great blog!