Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Own Newspaper Article

Hey genea-philes, it's SATURDAY NIGHT, and time for lots more GENEALOGY FUN!!!

This week, your mission, should you decide to accept it (you'd better, i'm taking names!), is to:

1)  Go to the The Newspaper Clipping Generator ( and create one or more articles using this tool.

2)  You could generate articles that didn't appear in the newspaper, or articles you wish had appeared in the newspaper, or even your own obituary (in the future).

3)  Share your newspaper clippings with us as an image or a screen capture on your own blog, or a comment to this blog post, on a Facebook Status post, or a Google+ Stream post.  

4)  Please give me a link to your clipping as a comment to this post.

Here's mine:

And one I did several years ago:

The URL for this post is:

Copyright (c) 2012, Randall J. Seaver


Cyndi Beane Henry said...

Another great challenge Randy!

Here's my result!

GeneGinny said...

Thanks, Randy. Just what I needed to focus on instead of what I should be doing!
Here's my result:

Charles said...

Thanks Randy Here is my result.

Kristi Quist said...

The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator is awesome! Glad you shared it!

Here's my newspaper article. I was a perfect first post for my brand new genealogy blog.

M. Diane Rogers said...

I've posted mine now too.