Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Geneablogging for Fun, Research Success, and more

Thomas MacEntee is running a series on the Geneabloggers blog titled Genea-Opportunities.
 His first post in the series is  Genealogy Blogging – For Fun or Profit?

Here are my thoughts on this topic:

*  I started this blog in order to share my knowledge and experiences in genealogy research, software and education with no thought of making any money from the effort.  I had no clue that it would last more than six years (and is still going strong).

*  I don't have advertising or affiliate agreements on my blog.  I didn't want the hassle (I know, it's easy...), and when I started the blog, the first question I was asked was "Do you have ads on your site?" as if that was a black mark against any blog or site.  I don't think it is, but I still don't do it.  There are now legal issues concerning blog ads and I'm glad that I have avoided that.

*  As my blog traffic has increased over the years (currently about 3,000 readers each day, considering website visits, RSS readers and email messages), I have accepted "perks" from many genealogy businesses, including trips to Salt Lake City, free meals and briefings, free conference registration, free database subscriptions, free software, free books, etc.  I try to disclose these when they occur or when I use the product, but try very hard to be objective when I evaluate products, databases and services.  These "perks" did not come easy - the key to having a relatively large readership is to post quality content (what people need to know) on a regular basis (posts several times a day).  

*  By far, the biggest benefit of genealogy blogging for me has been the Research Help that I have received from my readers.  One prime example is The Whittle Research Compendium from late 2010.  Several readers helped me find online resources, suggested offline resources, and provided research ideas and encouragement.  I often get reader suggestions for further research  on my Surname Saturday posts, and identify distant cousins also.  Genealogy blog readers are fantastic, and I know that they know more about genealogy research in many areas than I do.  Blogging about my genealogy research and my ancestral families is just one aspect of dangling "Cousin Bait" for the "genea-fishers for information" using Google or other search engines.  

*  Another benefit of geneablogging is being part of the blogging community - there are over 2,000 genealogy blogs out there, and many of the writers attend seminars and conferences.  We have had over 70 geneabloggers at some conferences, and the camaraderie is fantastic.  I totally enjoy sharing time, learning, food, drink, laughs and hugs with geneabloggers - all of whom, without exception, are interesting and funny people passionate about genealogy.  

In conclusion, I don't make any advertising money from genealogy blogging by choice, and I don't have a genealogy client business, but I receive immeasurable benefits from genealogy blogging.  Genealogy, and blogging, is FUN!!!

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Copyright (c) 2012, Randall J. Seaver


Lynn Palermo said...

Thanks for sharing Randy! You do make money on your blog by virtue of the 'freebies' you listed above. It just comes about a little differently, as per your individual choice. And it is because you are such a rich resource of information that we all benefit. For instance it was your knowledge and posts on RootsMagic 5 that prompted me to purchase the program. So although you never made a commission on it, I tip my hat to you now.

Eddie B said...

I think your medium of exchange is knowledge, enthusiasm, and joy.

GeniAus said...

Randy, you've done a great job of summi.g up why I blog: for fun, friendship and finding out.