Monday, September 17, 2012

Pennsylvania Marriages, 1885-1950 on FamilySearch!

I'm always on the lookout for vital records data from Pennsylvania, as are many other researchers and geneabloggers.

Last week, Family Search updated a database, Pennsylvania County Marriages, 1885-1950 which now has over 2 million indexed records.  You can read a description of the records included in the FamilySearch Research Wiki page for the collection.

Here is the page for the Pennsylvania County Marriages, 1885-1950  collection:

I put "seaver" in the search box, clicked "Search" and received 664 matches:

I clicked the first one and zoomed in on the image and saw a marriage for a William S. Seaver and Augusta Hodge in 1891 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania:

This 1891 record provides a residence, age, and birth date for both parties in addition to a marriage license date and date of marriage and marriage location for the event.

I could not find William S. Seaver or Augusta Hodge in my database, so I'll go searching to see if I can extend a known Seaver line with this marriage.  I will also "mine" this database today for my Carringer and Vaux one-name studies, plus any other surnames in Pennsylvania in this time period.

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Sierra said...

Thanks for the tip! I found a copy of my grandparents marriage certificate this morning.

bgwiehle said...

This database has been available since at least Jan 2012. When looking at the linked image, don't forget to check both earlier and later images in the set: you may find parental consent forms or even divorce records for any previous marriages. These additional pages are usually NOT separately indexed.

Martin said...

These things baffle me. I easily found my great-grandparents marriage from Carbon County in 1903. But my grandparents is nowhere to be found. Since I have paper copies of both, I know the spellings that were used. Even when I alter the spellings nothing appears. Are you telling me they skipped 1935? Unlikely.

I find their inclusion notes lacking also. It would be nice to know what is included rather than what was not included.

Linda said...

Thanks for this update! I haven't used the database in a while because it never contained information on anyone I tried researching! I'll have to check again.